Everyday Wizardry

Yesterday, I bought a printer on Gumtree for $20. I had to go to Kingsford, but the next bus wasn’t for nearly an hour, so I walked. The route went past my old alma mater, UNSW, which brought back lots of memories. Assignments completed by staying up all night, student politics (a shout-out to Luke Foley, who is a genuinely nice and funny guy), Tharunka, beer, love, the whole caboodle.

Just outside the seller’s house I came eye-to-eye with a huge black crow sitting on a gate-post. It reminded me at the same time of three things: the raven in the battleground scene at the start of Vikings Season 1 Episode 1; Ted Hughes’ masterful book of poetry ‘Crow’, with its illustrations by Leonard Baskin, and the late great Graham Kennedy making crow calls on Blankety-Blanks: faaaaark, faaaaark, faaaark….raven

Carried my printer home in my back-pack. It works, but it won’t print over the network from my laptop. I think it is a Windows-Linux thing – like many things, its supposed to work (using samba sharing) but it doesn’t actually. I’ll keep trying coz I’m stubborn like that.

After dinner I caught the bus to Newtown, where my friend Michael Fridge was performing with his band New Fridge at the open stage night at the Town Hall Hotel. On the way I got talking to a bearded pensioner who actually looked like he might be a wizard. He told me he spent all his holidays in a tent in the Spanish Basque country. He learned Spanish and French on the internet and had even a smattering of the Basque language. Impressive.

At the pub the boys did a terrific rendition of Michael’s original songs, especially his great hits ‘God’s Out To Get You’ and ‘In Bed With Tony Abbott’. fridge

The following act was a guy who must count as the hardest-working man in show-biz. His name is Chase Spencer, he comes from Vancouver Canada and he really, really wants to be famous. He’s pretty talented and hey, maybe he will make it, but it’s a hard world out there. chase_spencer_is_famous_sm

Whenever I go to the Townie, I’m always amused at the shoot-em-up arcade game in the main bar. The NRA would be very pleased.bang-bang_sm

Today I didn’t get much done, but I popped up to Randwick to pick up a book from the Library. On the way back I had a Captain Cook at a certain magnificent statue on the corner of Belmore Rd and Avoca St. captain_cook

After dinner, I watched a series from the SBS On-Demand site, called ‘The Wizards of Aus’. It’s very silly, but actually remarkably good – some of the jokes are screamingly funny. Wizards coming to Melbourne as migrants and trying to assimilate while suffering discrimination and harassment. Very SBS, but somehow it really works.

On the subject of wizardry, I had a bit of trouble juggling all my wands and spells (that’s remotes and programs for you unimaginative ones), which made me feel a bit like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I played the videos from the computer onto the TV. It took me ages to work out why my mouse pointer kept disappearing (it was on the desktop of the other screen) and why the sound wouldn’t play (the TV was expecting sound from the DVD player, which was still switched on). I used the terrific if misleadingly named (coz it only controls computers) Unified Remote App on my phone to control the mouse and keyboard from the couch. Hocus Pocus Alacazam right click and the video disappears in a puff of smoke!


Hikers Guide to Budget Tech and the Dark Reign

The Ghost Who Walks (I’m trying it out as a nom-de-plume) returned to Randwick on a perilous mission – find something to read at Randwick City Library and buy some cheap CD’s at Vinnies. Yes, I’ve now got a CD Player, but it’s not actually the one I expected.

The CD Player on the stereo I just bought is indeed cactus, as I was warned by the seller on Gumtree, and no amount of time running a lens cleaner made any difference. That’s the second Sony stereo I’ve had with a busted CD player – I don’t think it can be an accident. Still, the amp, radio and networking work, so I got what I paid for.

But a Bluray/Home Theater unit I picked up from the trash on the way saved the day. Not only does it work fine, but it even plays CDs, and the amp isn’t bad at all. It will also play my videos both over the network and with a USB stick, neither of which my dodgey TV will do without its help. Mind, it has no remote, but a little improvising with the SURE Android universal remote allows me to operate it. I have to use two different SURE remotes, as none of the Disk Player remotes have a volume control, which is only found on the Audiovisual Receiver remotes. But hell, it cost me NOTHING!

I spent the morning working like a navvy doing internet piracy. I found a torrent with a substantial portion of the oeuvre of one of my favourite composers, Claude Debussy. However, when I downloaded it, I discovered that the files were in flac format, which in addition to being huge, won’t play on either the stereo or the Bluray player. So I had to install the awesome Audacity free audio editing suite and use its Apply Chain function to batch convert the files to mp3s, which (between installation and file conversion) took about 2 hours. Sometimes being a cheapskate is really hard work!

Speaking of costing nothing, how good are public libraries! Borrowed a cool text-book on Photoshop, Bad Monkey – a novel by the great Carl Hiaasen, and a Marvel trade-paperback comic, which should keep me going for a while. Then I popped down to Vinnies, where I scooped up some jazz and classical CD’s to give me something to listen to. I felt a bit betrayed to get home and find that one of the taped-shut CD boxes was empty – when for once I’d actually paid for the music! Karma. But the rest of the CDs are pretty good, especially the Tschaikovsky.

While in Vinnies, I overheard a guy telling his friend that when he’d been young he had a job selling paintings like the ones at Vinnies. He had to go door-to-door and pretend to be the artist. I told him it was as honest a job as most work and that he was selling dreams. He said he had been ashamed of it and had given it up after a short time, even though he was making $1000 a week. He then delighted me by doing a magic trick where he pulled a coin out from behind my ear and made it disappear. Perhaps he made my CD disappear too!

I’ve already finished the comic, Secret Invasion Front Line. It ends with Norman Osborn, a.k.a. the Green Goblin, being put in charge of US national security. Crusading journalist Ben Urich, of Daredevil fame, writes a lead article about what this will mean. The story talks of the Dark Reign which is coming. I rather fear that in recent days life might be imitating art.