I’m Back!

Yesterday I had to do a bit of archaeology. Seems that when the garden was put in a few years ago, the landscapers helpfully buried the water meter. Heinrich Schliemann  would have been proud of my efforts, as I located, excavated and prised open the entombed artefact and recorded the inscription. Some way will have to be found to prevent the excavations from collapsing and reburying the whole thing.


Afterwards I went into town for a job interview. As I’ve been out of the workforce for more than ten years, this exercise bore more than a passing resemblance to the Return of the Mummy. At Wynyard station, I got to ascend the magnificent wooden escalators to the York St exit. On the walk up Clarence St to my appointment, I was struck by the elegance of the Grace Building.

Don’t really like my chances of getting the job, but I was pleased to get a interview and it was a chance to show my face. Had to iron a shirt and put on a suit and proper shoes for the first time in a while. The shoes were exceedingly uncomfortable – now I remember why I always wear slip-ons. The interviewing committee were absolutely charming and the interview went better than expected.

In the evening, I attended a do at the Australian Institute of International Affairs, where 6 of the Institute’s interns presented on a subject which interested them. The topics were varied: Yemen, geo-engineering to counter climate change, lies and social media, nuclear waste sequestration and Australian policy in the South China Sea. Sandwiches and wine were served before the proceedings. The presentations were pithy and thought-provoking.

After that I walked with my nephew to have dinner in Chinatown at my old haunt the New Tai Yuen. As the evening was balmy, we ate outside. The salt and pepper squid was washed down nicely by the bottle of cheapo Mudgee Semillon Sav Blanc we picked up at the Star Bottle-oh. Half of Chinatown was cordoned off by the Police and Firies, as there had been a gas explosion an hour or so before. I showed my nephew the Trades Hall and shared a few labour movement stories.

Not really Sydney Trades Hall

After dinner we wandered up through Haymarket, checking out the Capitol Theatre and downing a few ales at the Chamberlain Hotel, where an excellent Thai band was serenading a birthday party. The selection of beers was good and the mostly young asian crowd was having plenty of fun.

Afterwards back to Coogee, where I lay down in my sarcophagus and awaited developments…..


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