Craigs List Angels Blues

Woke early this morning, checked into Gumtree, the Aussie equivalent of Craigslist. Finally someone advertising a stereo with DLNA so I can play my mp3s on my hard disk over the home network. These things are rare as hens teeth – everyone is using Blutooth with their phones now to serve music files to their stereos. Put in a bid for the asking price of A$80. Apparently the CD player is in need of repair. I don’t care, all my CDs are back in Europe. I want the DLNA – badly. Finally the lady gets back to me and we arrange for me to inspect the equipment in Monterey, which is a fair distance south from where I live, near Botany Bay. Her husband will be there. I contact my trusty mate Mike in Newtown and he agrees to let me borrow his car. The sellers advise to call when I arrive, coz the dogs are dangerous.

Slow bus trip from Coogee to Central, Central to Newtown. Walking down to Mike’s place I pass a female body-builder with muscles like Arnold Schwartzenegger and wearing braces with ‘bitch’ printed on them. Made me horny. Mike gives me the car keys, and on the way to the car someone is throwing out a Bluray player/home theater unit. I ask if it works, and when they say yes, I put it in the car. Then it takes me 20 minutes to enter the address into the Garmin GPS (Tom Tom Go is so much easier). When I get there, to a place bordering a park and a canal, I ring the husband, who doesn’t answer. I call out and his mum comes out of the big house and goes to fetch the son from a smaller building on the same block. Guy is concreter, blonde, mid 40’s, real friendly. Place smells of dogs. Not only do I have to fight with him to pay $70 for the stereo – he said I should only pay $50 – but he even offers to get one of his friends to give me a free car. I decline because I can’t afford the running costs, but how nice is that?

At home I set up the stereo. For some reason it won’t connect to the WiFi, but works fine when I connect it via ethernet cable. Eventually I head back to Newtown to bring Mike’s car back. We walk to the Union Hotel to hear a band from Melbourne called The Lost Ragas. The food at the pub is good – I had the lamb roll – and the first support band is an excellent pub rock act. We avoid the second act, a solo, and pop down to the Botany View, to see if there is anything interesting on. On the way I tell Mike that I really must stop listening to American country music, as it stands for the racist values of Donald Trump. At the Botany View an awesomely powerful youngish grunge-punk band (sorry, didn’t get their name) was playing to a devoted audience of inner-city things. When they finished we ducked back to the Union to catch the headline act.

So much for my vow not to listen to country music any more. The Lost Ragas wowed us with their modern bluesy country. The singer has a stunning vocal range, and his lower register reminded me of gospel singers. The band simply rocked, with steel guitar, vocal harmonies, mandolin and great original songs. Like a cross between Jackson Browne and Keith Urban. But I still want you Trump supporters to know – just because I like your music doesn’t mean I’m not real ticked off with you crackers. I bought one of the band’s CD’s to play on my new stereo, if I can only get the CD player fixed 😦

Check the bus timetable to get home. Nothing for half and hour, so I spend $30 on a taxi. The driver is playing black music on one of the commercial radio stations, 106.5 KIIS Fm, which didn’t use to happen when I lived here before. Progress, perhaps?


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